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Fees and Policies for 2016-2017

Monthly Rates:at my home studio in Sykesville
30 minute lessons: $100/month ($30/each)
45 minute lessons: $150/month ($45/each)
60 minute lessons: $180/month ($54/each) (one student-60 minutes or two students-30 minutes each)
90 minute lessons: $250/month (two students-45 minutes each or three students-30 minutes each)

Monthly rates are based upon the premise that students are guaranteed 30 lessons during the 9 months, September through May. Some months there will be 3 lessons and some 4, depending on the school vacation schedule and this piano studio calendar. Monthly rate payments are due at the first lesson of each month. The studio calendar includes more than 30 teaching weeks, which allows for absences by student or teacher for illness, etc. Make-up lessons during the school year are rarely available, but the 2 weeks after Memorial Day are designated for that purpose to bring a total of 30 lessons. If lessons are begun in the middle of the year then payments versus lessons taught will be reconciled in May.

Notification of an anticipated student absence should be one week in advance, and at least 24 hours. Please call the cell phone if there is an emergency or illness the day of the lesson.

There will be two recitals, one in the fall and one in the spring. All students are expected to attend and perform at these events. This is an important aspect of learning to be a musician! Music doesn't exist unless someone performs. Students are also encouraged to attend live piano recitals or concerts. The Washington/Baltimore area has, by some accounts, the largest number of musical events of any region worldwide, including free concerts. Please take the opportunity to enrich yourself and your family by attending the live arts.

There is a discount for lessons taught during school hours at Atholton Adventist School. These are also billed per lesson rather than per month due to the lack of scheduling control the student or teacher has over the school schedule.

Contact Information:
301-854-6627 (home)
240-731-6056 (cell)
RoseOnKeys (at) (email)
Studio locations:
Noteworthy Knoll
1140 Route 32,
Sykesville, MD 21784

Carroll Community College
T411, Scott Center
1601 Washington Road
Westminster, MD 21157
Salem United Methodist Church
12 High Street
Brookeville, MD 20833
Atholton Adventist School
6520 Martin Road
Columbia, MD 21044

last modified August 18, 2013